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    I finally got a good Pre two weeks ago. I noticed yesterday that the screen brightness changes from bright to low brightness while I'm browsing the web. Have anyone else notice this?

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    Its the 'ambient light sensor' (I think that's what its called). There's a sensor on the phone that detects ambient light and adjusts the screen's brightness accordingly. IE: if its dark around you, the screen gets dimmer, or if you hold your hand over the phone screen it will get dimmer.

    It might be the screen preparing itself to turn off as well, it dims about 10 seconds before it turns off/locks. I'm no genius though...
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    Both are correct (and annoying).

    I wish sometimes I knew which was which

    Sensor is located at the top right, you can see it in strong light. Kinda looks like an old IR transceiver to me.
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    i would LOVE to have this always stay at normal brightness too!
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    It also has to do with the 'Turn off after' example 1 minute. It's in the Screen and Lock app.

    So after, in my case, 1 minute, my screen goes dim to save on the battery life.

    I hate this because while I'm reading I have to continually touch the screen.

    It happens in all the apps not just the web. For me, I've noticed it in the NY Times app.

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    Agreed, the ambient light sensor is too sensitive. Mine frequently fluctuates and it's very annoying.
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    So the question is how to turn off the light sensor. I could not find anything anywhere and links or thoughts?
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