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    Wouldnt it make sense if you could scroll through your contact list, click on a contact and then view their pic in full size right there in Contacts?
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    I agree whole heartedly!!!!! This has been annoying since I started assigning pics to contacts. Looking forward to this being an option after an OTA update some day. That is one of the best features of the new WebOS.
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    Agreed that if you click on a person's profile, you should be able to click the picture to see if full screen. This seems quite obvious. Let's see how dense Palm is at implementing it though.
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    while i think they should have made it an option from the get go, and I would like them to add it soon, I don't think that they would be dense to put it on the back burner. It isn't really a high priority, it might be easy, but i think they need to focus on other things.
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    It would also be cool to link right to their Facebook page if it is a Facebook contact.
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    The 4 replies to this thread tells the story. Who cares?
    I can see complaining about a major issue, but this?
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    no offense but i really hope palm is working on more important things.
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    I'm sorry guys. I wont post about something unless it's important. I guess I should of started a thread about my poor signal quality.
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    Haha. I think this is important! Its all the little things that makes a device good. I almost didn't buy a phone because it didnt have a FM transmitter, but then I noticed that only two phones have it from Sprint: The Fusic and the Musiq. They are both more outdated and not smartphones too! But all in all, I think all the little things are almost as important as big things. Big things should be worked on first, but this is little. Honestly, how long will it take them to make this possible?

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