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    I transferred all of my data from my Centro to my Pre no problem. But now I can't delete re-occurring entries. It will usually give me the option to delete, but the entry never goes away.

    The calendar craaaawwllls along making changes. It can literally take several minutes to affect a change of just the time or date.

    I only want to use one calendar, the default Palm calendar just like I used with my Centro and numerous previous Palms going back ten plus years. I am not using Google calendar.

    Am I the only one having these kinds of problems? I love everything else about the Pre, but the calendar problems are making me want to go back to my Centro.
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    ugh. Please use search.

    Not trying to be a ****, but to the regular members, these repeat threads are getting VERY old.
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    Search is your friend.

    I've heard of these problems before but they all have to deal with (transferred from xxx or DTA, etc).

    As far as changes, mine doesn't crawl at all?

    Maybe one of the other forum members can help?? Sorry.
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    Try this:

    The problem the repeating events. To be honest, I just started new, and kept my centro for historical reasons for the old calnedar. I really do not need all those old appts on my pre. It works great if you do that.
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    I apologize for the repeat post. I did do a search and nothing came up that really nailed my problem. Maybe I should have used different search terms.

    My problems are that the calendar is painfully slow and that the re-occuring entries can't be deleted or edited. I do not have a problem with duplicate entries.

    I need my old calender events in my current phone for a variety of reasons. I can see that deleting that might be a work around, but I really do expect better from a phone as sophisticated as the Pre.

    If I have to, I will buy and run DBFixit, but I really shouldn't have to do that on a phone that's less than a week old.

    I'll keep searching the forum to see if I can find any threads that address the particular problem I'm having.

    Thank you.
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    you can keep searching. If you find something, please let me know. I have spent HOURS working on this because I have palm data for 10 years. I spoke with Palm level 3 tech support numerous times. There is an issue with datebk 6 recurring events that do not play well with the DTA. I realized it just wasn't worth transferring all that over for the very rare time I needed it. The recurring events such as birthdays, etc I just entered fresh on the pre. It really works well now that I did that. Minimal delay. I am VERY happy I did that and love the pre. I am using companionlink to sync with my old palmdesktop.

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