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    You can't price match an unactivated price, unless you BOUGHT it for the unactivated price. And if you bought it unactivated at that price then shame on you because Sprint and RadioShack have sold it for a couple c-notes less from the start.

    If you bought the phone normally, for an activation or upgrade price, Best Buy's not going to give a dang about that and will tell you to leave. Only way they'll price match is if the activated price was cheaper (like say it's advertised for $130 new or something).

    It's not like they're going to credit you 100 bucks after they credited you several hundred bucks to activate it, only if you bought it for the 850 dollar price tag. Which again shame on you for not looking at Sprint itself, Best Buy hosed you.
    I must have a really bad memory because I don't recall saying I bought it at full price. My point was to go to BB to see if they lowered the price of the phone. If they did then there might be a chance that it was lower for signing up with a contract. It was something I was going to look into but haven't gotten a chance yet.

    Oh and I'm not an ***** but thanks for trying to be helpful.
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    Well I'm not very smart. I just ordered from the Sprint Store for the $299 before rebate with bluetooth and car charger thrown in.
    Tried to work something out with customer service but was disconnected twice, so I drove to the store. I should of stopped at Radio Shack first.
    Sprint customer service had responded to an email I sent about the Tour and offered a $50 credit. Wonder if there is some way I can still get it.
    I did receive a seperate email from them offering $50 rebate for re-signing my contract.
    Any advice?
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