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    I exchanged my 3 week old Pre due to the oreo effect. It wasn't horrible, it just came on all of a sudden. I did see the explanation on a possible reason why it may happen. My question is, when I exchanged my Pre, the Sprint rep said that it does NOT restart my 30 days. Is that correct?
    On a side note, yes I did exchange it. It was a hard choice to make as the phone was GREAT on all other aspects. No dead pixels. NO dropped calls.
    I think that, ( well I for 1 will be) we need to be more patient and understanding with this concern. I have read and seen countless postings about this and it wasn't until I kept reading them, that I found myself focusing on it more and more. I'm not going to focus on it. I have not heard of ANY phones actually coming apart. So I for one, will just enjoy it and go on from there. Anybody with me
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    Yes that is correct, it doesn't restart your 30days.

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