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    My company is using Proxy server, so even I can connected to the wifi, I still need to set up the proxy. Is is possible so far to Pre?

    And what about the Airave? Is it compatible to Proxy server?

    Thanks for your help in advance.
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    Not available yet. Same thing happen to me. Airave you should be good
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    Thanks for your reply.

    But are you sure the Airave works fine under the proxy server? Because I tried once, it looked it didn't work out.
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    I think they meant to skip the wifi and use the airave instead-- not going to get you the full speed you're looking for, but you wouldn't burn your battery trying to get out of the building to a cell tower.

    I also am hoping this gets added-- I have the same issue as you. Gotta remember to turn Wifi off when I get to the office, unless I'm trying to tie into Exchange.
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    Bump. Please, please, please Palm give me proxy support! Pretty please? I'm begging here..... No proxy support makes ASCII Brett sad. ;-(
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    I was looking for this today too, at work (in the middle of our building) I can't get a signal for my cell but we do have WiFi. I need to enter a proxy though to use it. I looked everywhere and figured either it wasn't there or I just could not find it. Bummer

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    Bummer this still doesn't work. At least our proxy allows the webOS browser to prompt for a username and password to authenticate, but it doesn't remember it once the web browser is closed. Would be better if it allowed storing the proxy credentials in the wifi settings.

    I have to admit, I am jealous of the guys at work with iPhones that can use proxified wifi while at work and VPN from the device when not at work....


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