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    Why can it never find my location??? Does that happen to you guys? I am always using crappy google maps cause it never finds my location.
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    Works fine for me... In fact, just got to my destination 10 minutes ago using it... Sorry it doesn't work for you
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    Dumb question, but did you turn on GPS? Have to ask these questions when you do not fully explain what you have done to try to fix it.
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    Over the several years I have used Sprint Navigation, I have had 3 times when the phone would not get a GPS signal. Restarting the phone didn't help. At some point, it would come back. I took it as a network/gps problem. Last time was maybe 4 months ago, before I had a Pre. If it is constant for you, I would go to a Sprint store and see what they say.
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    for some reason the Pre with navigation is the not the best. My dumb flip phones did much better. I am afraid to use it at times because of where it might take me. Google maps does seem to do better, and I have no clue why.
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    I had this problem but a reboot fixed it. I haven't had the problem since.
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    works like a charm for me
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    Ive used it a few times with my Pre with no problems.
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    Once I got a mount for my phones, I'd say 95% of all the nav issues I had dissapeared. So far with the pre I have never lost a signal as long as it is in the windshield mount. Now in my house is a different story.
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    No issues here. Google Maps can triangulate a rough position for you WITHOUT GPS... so is your GPS disabled?
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    Agree with the poster, this happens too much
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    No GPS yesterday after 3 tries (10 minutes). A reboot fixed it.

    My Pre is cool but buggier than a restaurant dumpster.
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    It used to mess up on me about once a week before the last update but since then it's been great. It always has my current location and it seems to pick up signal much faster now.
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    Works fine for me. I agree, I wonder if your gps is turned on.
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    Sprint nav used to be hit or miss but since the last update its been woeking fine, before when it didn't work I would do a soft reset and then it would go.
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    The gps sucked on my treo 800w, took forever to locate and half the time i had to reboot before i could get it to locate, now on my pre i haven't had a single problem whatsoever.
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    Mine works fine in the s.a. Tx area.
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    Yes my GPS is enabled. It seems it can only find my location sometimes when I have full bars and am standing still. And that is Sometimes. I have rebooted the pre many times.
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    And also I live in a great coverage area here in cary, north carolina
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    I've used it about six times, one time I was in the middle of nowhere and every time it worked like a charm.
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