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    Quote Originally Posted by d0llarm3nu View Post
    Why can it never find my location??? Does that happen to you guys? I am always using crappy google maps cause it never finds my location.
    Had the same issue. Took it back to the sprint store at which point they performed a full reset of the phone.

    Device Info --> Full Erase.

    This worked like a charm for me. You may be able to get away with a partial erase. If not, just backup your files on a computer first. Hope this helps.
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    Works great, just took a trip from Daytona Beach FL to Canton NY and back, it worked all the way. Some areas where i was roaming it seemed like it stuttered but only for a minute or two.
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    I never had a problem. I do know it doesnt work if theres not a Sprint signal. It needs internet access to grab the maps.
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    Mine has failed once. It took me about a half mile past the building I needed to get to.
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    Actually Sc&$$#w SPRINT and its network coverage.
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    I have had a few issues with Sprint Navigation, but only when crowded in amongst some buildings, other than that I have had no issues at. Actually impressed by how well it does work.
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    When i first got my Pre it was running 1.0.3 OS and the navigation would not work at all. As soon i upgraded to 1.0.4 it worked fine. It also works fine on 1.1 for me
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    that seemed to do the trick, but how often do you have to do this?

    Quote Originally Posted by MikeBinOK View Post
    Are you sure moving it from the windshield causes the problem? Or is it just losing GPS signal after about thirty seconds of GPS tracking regardless of location? I had the latter problem, and doing a partial reset (accessed from the "device info" icon on your launcher) and it fixed the problem.
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    I pretty much made up my mind that I am not using Sprint Navigation anymore. First time I used it I was in Tampa which a really crowded and confusing city to drive in, and it took me to the completely wrong place! Then last night I tried to use it again and it couldnt find my location. I retried like 3 times and it still didn't. I give up...
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    I used it to go about 5 hours north to mackinaw city, mi. it worked well on the way up (even when roaming), but on the way home it was completely and utterly stupid.

    not only did it suggest a route that was almost an hour longer, it kept getting stuck in this "make legal u-turn, recalculating" mess that didn't stop until i used google maps to find where the heck i was going...

    i got my position fixed, re-opened nav, and it was better.. for a bout 5 minutes.

    needless to say, i used g-maps (and read directions) instead.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tavarua88 View Post
    that seemed to do the trick, but how often do you have to do this?

    I only had to do the partial reset one time....That was roughly a week ago, and no more problems since. My problem started before WebOS 1.1 was installed, and we can hope that there's something in 1.1 that will keep it from happening again!
    Mike B in OKlahoma

    Palm V-->Palm Vx-->Palm m505-->Garmin iQue3600-->Treo 650-->Treo 755p-->Palm Pre

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    I agree. Sprint Navigation is totally unreliable. When I had my iPhone 3G, I could become curious and take new routes to see where this and that goes. I could easily find my way back using the GPS. I wouldn't dare go any unfamiliar routes with this phone without a mapquest backup printed on paper. My Sprint Navigation works when it wants. I was riding for about 5-10 minutes earlier today w/o it grabbing my signal in broad daylight with sun and no clouds. This is ridiculous. Noone wants to pull over on the side of the road because they're scared they might miss a turn. Just use mapquest, sprint will always be garbage, regardless of how many people complain. It's gonna stay garbage4lyfe.
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    The only problem that I have with my GPS is google maps. It takes over 2 minutes to find my location. For some reason, since I live in Georgia the default location appears to be Atlanta but after about two minutes it shows some accuracy.
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    Just used it on a trip from NH to Phili. Had really bad T-storms on the way down. Was driving at night in rain so bad that cars were pulled over under overpasses. The gps in my Pre got me door to door without a hitch. I didn't even have it on the dash. It was propped up in the dash next to speedometer. Far superior to the GPS in my old Curve.
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    I can never get Sprint Navigation to find my location or work.
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    I had a small issue with mine as well. I rebooted the phone and that took care of it for me so far!!
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    Make sure that you have DATA ROAMING turned on!!!

    Sprint/Telenav system requires a data signal as well as GPS.
    On the stand alone GPS units your maps are stored internally, on your Pre they are downloaded on the fly.

    I just traveled from Florida to a small town in the mountains of Tennessee (no Sprint service in the mountains, roaming) the navigation worked great warned of accidents and road construction well ahead of current location offered alternate routes.
    The Pre was on the Touchstone on my console. I was very impressed with its performance and accuracy. It even had roads not on my sisters Standalone GPS.

    Also at the cabin in the mountains I had 3 bars everywhere in the cabin. AT&T users had to go out and wander around the yard to find service. Reminded me of Star-trek and tricorders, LOL.
    Remember Data roaming ON.
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    Every once in a while, the SprintNav will start acting up, a reboot always helps. At least for a few weeks.
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    What do people mean by turning your GPS on? As far as I know, I just hit "Allow" and that's it. Idk if thats "turning the GPS on" or not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by randomized View Post
    What do people mean by turning your GPS on? As far as I know, I just hit "Allow" and that's it. Idk if thats "turning the GPS on" or not.
    go find "location services" in the launcher menu. This will allow you to turn auto locate on and off, which is separate from the GPS system itself. When im not using sprint nav, or any other GPS function on the phone, i disable everything in Location Services.
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