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    Quote Originally Posted by pogeypetey View Post
    My Pre says I have no comment...
    My pre ( Magic 8Ball app ) says "without a doubt"
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    my pre says hi
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    My Pre thinks I want it off so it just shuts off without me asking it to. Does this count?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jbrowland View Post
    My Pre thinks I want it off so it just shuts off without me asking it to. Does this count?
    Your Pre just shuts off...randomly?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ya Boi D View Post
    Your Pre just shuts off...randomly?
    Yep. Myself and MANY others here have discussed this issue. Some say the recent update causes it but most say it is related to a battery that doesn't fit properly. Who knows. Back to the Sprint store for Pre number Five and this one will be a refurb.

    Back to the original thread topic....while it isn't my Pre thinking for me, I do enjoy being able to have a shared calendar that updates as either my wife or I enter new appointments on our Pre phones. That's pretty darn close to thinking for you and a great feature I love about the Pre. Well, maybe it's more like my wife thinking for me, lol.
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    My owner did not want to reply to this thread, but I am anyway.

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    I think the reference is directed more towards synergy - how it organizes things before you do it yourself ( eg: Fandango tickets go into your calendar as does flight info from flighview with a reminder automatically popping up prior to the event without you going through the steps of doing so).
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyKat View Post
    My Pre is so smart- it actually knows when other people want to talk to me- my pre magically rings and vibrates!! This was worth the upgrade!!
    My wife likes that feature. Wait a minute...
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    Synergy is cool but its not all that different from wireless exchange sync for other devices. Google syncs with most other devices over exchange in the same fashion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by enjoyingsilence View Post
    My better half and I got into a squabble the other evening.. after leaving the table, I glanced at my Pre. A pop up saying "She's on the rag isn't she...? It'll be ok. Only a few more days " was on screen. With only one button below the message

    Thank You Pre.

    Just sayin.
    Mine did even better, after I hit the button, it brought up the calendar app, and let me know when it's "safe".
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    It's sort of an exaggeration like the "it's so easy a caveman can do it" commercials. That's marketing the ease of use and centralizing and automatic syncing of your data is essentially a part of the exaggerated statement it thinks for you. Just look at marketing in general. Drinking budweizer and miller beer will get you hot chicks just drooling to do anything and everything for you even if your the ugliest guy on earth. That's the message to get you to buy their beer yet nobody says hey I don't get hot chicks clamoring to me aren't I supposed to now that I'm drinking the beer. The reality is the cleverness of the ad that sells the person on buying something not always the product itself. The average person buys stuff without really researching and comparing and seeing if it is the best product for them. This is why comercials now adays are not about the product itself but more surreal. Like the car commercials where some person is hot rodding around on mountain roads etc.
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