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    Hey I dropped my phone on my tile floor and now the speaker used for the speakerphone\alarm\music is now REALY crackily and sounds blown. But I never turned it up loud. So I'm thinkin I must of knocked something out of place around the speaker. But I did not get the insurance for the phone ( poor college student) does any one know of an way to fix it. I took it to the sprint repair phone store but they said they are not aloud to open it up. And offered 100 dollars off a new phone.but I can't aford it. Does any one have a simular problem or know how to fix it? Any help would be appriciated!
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    sorry man, but I used to have the same problem with the phone I got on launch day luckily I had the Insurance on my phone and I took it in to sprint and got it exchanged for free. They said the same thing to me that they could not open it that's why they exchanged it for me. Hopefully you'll figure something out or someone can help you, good luck.

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