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    I have lost 28% in an hour, my personal career high. Anyone came close to my number?
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    My phone stuck trying to send a picture via email that it had already sent, and lost over 1/2 of it's battery life. On average, it's 8-14% per hour, making me have to recharge it every afternoon or it will die. Whose brilliant idea was it to give this phone, with so many capabilities, such a CRAPPY battery???
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    I recharge mine whenever I, at home etc. Sheety battery.
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    My high was about 45%, but in all fairness I was: On the phone via bluetooth headset for the full hour, streaming pandora (via wifi) to a speaker system, and checking stock quotes and news via a few apps.

    To me that was acceptable for the heavy use.
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    I also ordered the 2600mAh battery from Sedio. We'll see how that does... I'm skeptical because it had 7 'customer reviews' before the battery was even released... Um.... How?
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    Average on standby is 5-6% no matter the settings. Highest was 10-15% on standby in an area with no service.
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    40%+ watching 2 full episodes of The Office on Sprint TV
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    wow 40% for an hour is nuts!
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    Over 30% in less than one hour. I took a 1-hour lunch, but didn't really use the Pre when I walked to the food court to get food or on the way back, so more like 30% in 50 minutes (you can do the math to calculate how much it would have been for a full hour).

    I didn't really do anything intensive, besides read and ESPN news and a couple of games. Maybe since the screen was on the entire time, but that's a lot to lose in 1 hour I suppose.
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    20ish. I don't usually keep track, but with heavy usage, that seems about right.
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    mine has been around 50%. Talking on the phone, surfing the net, and talking on aim.
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    In a poor service area, doing nothing other than having the phone in my pocket, I can attest to at least a 20% drop per hour. Otherwise, streaming audio and surfing the web makes a 40% drop realistic.
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    The GPS is a huge battery hog. I had almost a 60% drop in an hour when I first got my Pre and was traveling and using the GPS. I can't remember if I was listening to music also or not.
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    89% in two hours one Sunday morn as I simply read some email and deleted others. I was astounded. Nothing else was running in the background either. Granted thats a large number that hasn't happened since but there are days the battery seems to drain faster than others with the same usage, as has been pointed out by many on the forums.
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    35% while listening to pandora and surfing the web....

    not very good (i think)...
    Palm Pre (Sprint)
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    On my last Pre, which I found out had a bad battery, I lost 80% in 1 1/2 hour with little usage. Screen dimmed all the way, GPS off, Wifi on.

    I exchanged that sucker and got a new one that has excellent battery life. I was at work for 7 hours on Tuesday and it only dropped 20%, with moderate usage.
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    40 percent here. I was listening to music, browsing the web, and texting. Still no excuse for half my battery being gone after one hour of use.
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    About 20%...and thats just with a few texting here and there

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