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    Just fix the problem yourself. Jeez. It's dead easy to just apply a little pressure on the slider feet and bend them back. I did mine in about 2 minutes.
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    I read another post on doing this applying pressure on the feet to fix it. I tried it on mine with zero improvement. Did not look like I could get anything to bend on the feet. Perhaps someone could post some pics of the exact pressure point and direction that the pressure should be applied. I just don't see how to do "the bending fix" and I consider myself mechanically inclined.
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    hey ive got a question about my pre. my pre was fine at first but it now has a wobble and will twist on the left side. it was fine at first but after this 3rd week it feels very loose. my problem is that i bought a new in box pre on ebay. is it possible to use palms warranty at say a sprint store? is is there no hope for me. i mean i can live with a little twist, but if there are better hardware models out now why not try to get this fixed before my 30 days right? thanks
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    Ok. I fixed mine. The person who suggested bending the track upward wins the prize. If the "foot" is bent (small one) you can bend that down first. But mine was fine and I still had twist. If you still have twist, get a picture hanger hook and bend the tip at a 90 degree angle to make a small hook about 1/16" and attach it to some vice grips. On the right side track where the "foot" rests (bottom right corner as you are looking at the back right side up), put this hook under the track. make sure you apply opposing downward pressure on the rivit (under the battery) holding that part of the track to the body, while pulling up on the track corner with the hook. I pulled firmly, but not real hard. Be very carefull cause if you pull too hard and don't have the opposing force, you can really screw something up. Mine is solid as a rock now. No gap, no twist. I guess the problem as others stated is the foot is flimsy and bends over time and the manufacturing process also probably had looser tolerances on the track on some batches. It really worked. Took 10 minutes.
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    So thank you all for the advice. I went in today to exchange my pre. I pulled off my IS skin and just went in with the mindset that I was not leaving there without a new pre. I showed the ever expanding gap to the floor manager. His first reaction was like, 'oh that is bad. Let me check out another pre and see what it looks like.' Another employee had a opening day pre and his was pretty bad as well. He showed that one to me and told me that it is probably normal wear and tear. I told him that it was fine when I got it and it has gotten worse since then, and if it is normal then why is it only increasing on one side? He told me that if I wanted to exchange it, that was my right because it was within the 30 day period but that I would not be able to exchange it again. This was it. I told him I wanted to exchange it. So they game me a brand new one, no questions asked. And boy am I glad I did. This one feels sooooo much more solid then my first one did. Even from 3 weeks ago when my first one was brand new. This one just feels better. Luckily I actually have a set of phantom skinz that I ordered before I got my IS and I had my wife put it on when we got home.

    So all in all, everything seems to have worked out.

    Thanks again guys,
    This forum is the greatest!
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