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    Has anyone noticed the time on the pre drifting? Here's my situation:

    I have an alarm that wakes me up at 6:45am to go biking with my friend. The alarm goes off (unfortunately I did not see the time) and I dismiss the alarm. I then opened the call button to wake my friend up. I opened the call history and clicked an entry and realized I clicked the wrong entry. So I press end of the call, go back to the call log and clicked the correct person and made the call.

    After getting off the quick phone call (just consisting of "hey wakeup, lets go. ok bye") I look at the time. The time on the phone is 6:54. I look at the cable box in my room and see that it is correct.

    So I go "wtf happened to the last 10 minutes". I then look at the call log, and the accidental call was at 6:45 and the call I meant to make occurred at 6:54. There was no way there was 10 minutes in between those calls, and I'd be surprised if the time between the two calls was more than 30 seconds.

    Has anyone else noticed this occurring?
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    It might be you, not the phone.

    When I first wake up, especially if it's early, I don't really sense the passage of time well until I've fully woken up and had my coffee.

    The clock on my Pre has always been perfectly correct every time I look at it.

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    Hope it was a one "time" thing and you figure out what happened and it was not the Twilight Zone".
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    Maybe it was me but I dunno, the phone did some other funky things at the same time, such as the 6:45 alarm going off again at 7:03 (even if I snoozed it should have gone off at 6:50 or on at least 7:00).

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