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    Alright I made a post a week or so ago about how after i installed my phantomskinz my power button stopped working and right after posting it the problem went away..wel now for the past few days ive noticed the device going in and out of wired headset mode..when ive never plugged ANYTHING into the jack on top..its rather annoying whern im using my BT headset and it cuts out..what are my options here? can i disable the wired headset mode (yes my pre is rooted) in a file somewhere? This is really not good for business.
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    hmmm intresting
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    This happened when i have my LG Muziq. All i did was take it into the sprint store and they ordered me another one.
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    I've been having this same issue, phone defaults to "wires headset" though I do not have a wired headset. The last phone died in an OS update and I did not enjoy setting this replacement up... Would really like to find a fix for this rather than get another phone. Anyone know about this?
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    My phone is doing the same thing. I just took it up to the sprint repair center just now. I'll provide yall with an update once it comes to light.
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    I have the same issue. The ironic thing is that I just got a bluetooth speakerphone (Jabra SP700) for my car to avoid this problem, since I regularly use a tape adapter to my 3.5mm jack.

    Now, whenever I switch bluetooth on, the phone goes into headset mode and my bluetooth speakerphone can't pick up the music its transmitting.

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