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    Hi. I have a Pre that is NOT activated on Sprint; my question is whether or not I can still surf the net on the Pre via an available Wi-Fi network?? Basically; I wanna use the Pre for its superb browser...without getting the phone activated with Sprint: and am wondering if I can do so.
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    Not easily. I think one guy has actually got it to work on Verizon's network, but I don't know if he had to activate it on Sprint first. When you first turn the phone on, you have to be on Sprint's network to activate the phone.
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    Without major firmware shenanigans, no.

    You have to use EVDO to connect to your Palm Profile for the first time, no wifi access.

    Also that would be SERIOUSLY gimping the phone's abilities, if you're just in it for a browser just craigslist a 1stGen iPod Touch (*sigh*).

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