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    Hey guys, I have a question and i've searched how do you uninstall homebrew application when you installed it onto your phone. Thank you i really do appreciate it.

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    the same way you uninstall all other apps. Hold orange button on key pad, tap the app you want to delete.. select delete.
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    After you searched, did you click on one of the ga-zillions of results? That typically helps.
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    Another way to erase apps is to go the launcher, select launcher at the top left, then select 'list apps'. From there all you have to do is select the app and choose delete.
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    ahah thanks guys you guys really did help =)
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    hey there people im having trouble with the installation process i have the icon in my desktop i click it it give me the option of usb n evaluator i picked one but nothing else pops out can anyone pls help me out plzzz

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