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    So I bought a Pre from a Sprint store on launch day for $299 and promptly sent in the $100 rebate form the same day. Two weeks go by and my center button stops working, so the Sprint store swaps it out with a replacement that has a pretty bad oreo wobble.

    I live with it for a week and then try to exchange it again, but they lie to me at three different stores and say it's supposed to be like that, so I do a full return/refund and buy a third Pre at Best Buy on July 9th for $199 (with no oreo effect, taboot). As expected, I get a postcard in the mail after this from Sprint telling me that my rebate has been denied:

    Dear Consumer,

    We recently received your paperwork requesting a rebate on your newly purchased Sprint Device.

    Your rebate request cannot be processed because the Terms and Conditions for this offer require:

    • All applicable discounts for your recently purchased Sprint Nextel device were given at the time of purchase or are not available based on the upgrade program requirements

    In order to update your rebate for processing, please call 1-800-477-4127 to clarify the instant discount that was given at the time of purchase.

    For further information on mail-in rebates, log onto
    BUT WAIT! This morning I get a system-generated email from telling me my $100 rebate "is in the final stages of processing and should be mailed to you within the next three weeks." I check the rebate tracking website and I have a 100% green progress bar saying "Rebate mailed", as well as "Your rebate was approved and a check has been issued."

    So I ask you, fellow PreCentral users... WTF? The wording is strange in the postcard... was I supposed to call them to "clarify the instant discount that was given" to me? Maybe the system that generates the emails just hasn't been updated with the latest info?
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    I just bought my Pre from Best Buy almost two weeks ago. I can only hope for the extra 100!
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    They file the rebate for you, which probably means that Best Buy has their address on the rebate, not yours. But I cant confirm this, so lets hope you get an extra $100!
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    I purchased my Pre on launch day and sent in the rebate form and received my check two days ago. So it does work.
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    But I cant confirm this, so lets hope you get an extra $100!
    The funny thing is, I was able to get in on the $99 price match Best Buy mistkake last weekend so I already got the Pre for $99... this rebate would make it free. I might actually start feeling guilty at that point.

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