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    I have a verizon email and I have been trying for hours to get it to work with the pre. Can someone who has a verzion email help me?
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    The Pre will automatically recognize a Verizon e-mail account. Just provide your e-mail address and password to it.

    My recommendation, however, is to NOT use Verizon's e-mail because Verizon only supports POP3 and not IMAP. IMAP is the preferred protocol because it has many advantages over POP3 (especially when accessed from more than just a single desktop computer...i.e. accessing via the Pre).

    I suggest you use GMail instead. But if you insist on using Verizon, know that the Pre does work with it. I just added my Verizon e-mail account (which I never use) to my Pre as a test and it downloaded the e-mail in the account just fine.

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