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    I had a light bulb go off as I'm watching youtube videos on my prprpr&#$275$; $with$ $it$ $laying$ $face$ $up$ $on$ $the$ $table$. $Wouldn$'$t$ $it$ $have$ $been$ $better$ $to$ $place$ $the$ $speaker$ $on$ $the$ $sides$ $of$ $the$ $phone$ $rather$ $than$ $back$?
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    Umm.. how loud do you think a speaker will be if it has to be as small as the side of the phone? I suspect its where it is for the exact reason that it allows the largest possible speaker for clarify and volume.
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    I imagine an elongated one or dual speaker could have the same area as the current one except just on the side or front
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    you could grip it by the husk...
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    The back of the Pre is not flat. The speaker grill will not be blocked when thebPre is on a hard surface. I strongly suspect better sound reception at your ears having the speaker aimed at a hard surface that will reflect it than if it was aimed out the side.

    The above mentioned suspecion does not hold if you lay the Pre down on carpet.


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