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    I had to exchange my first Pre for a new one due to small metal shavings getting into the speaker phone spot and wrecking the sound. It is lame because I do not feel like paying for a new one even with the insurance I have on my plan. I opened the case and there is nothing on it with my newer phone and I am wondering if any of you have a good suggestion for me?

    I have not dropped this phone at all, I use it constantly at work for my exchange email and hotmail accounts, and I would miss it if I did not have it. I had a 755P and loved that phone but the Pre smokes that phones features by far......except for games.

    So far we get connect four and 2 others.
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    Where are the metal shavings coming from?
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    I suppose that would have been good information!!!!

    I am a Production Manager for the division of the company that I work for. We have 2-D Laser cutting machines, press brakes, some welding, and some CNC turret machines. On my daily rounds and when I assist with production on the shop floor I come into contact with dust, dirt, sanded metal dust and some oils. I do not get dirty but somehow the Pre allows any and all of that to come into the small openings.

    I currently use the clear plastic case from Sprint that they were peddling. I liked it better than the small leather case as the plastic one swiveled for a more comfortable fit in different sitting and standing positions.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    The metal shavings was the problem with my first phone. Now though when I take the back off of my second phone it is mostly clean with nothing in there. The speaker and ringer volume sounds worse everyday.

    At the momment, Pandora sucks without earphones and the ringer is quiet and muffled.

    I see a lot of views on this with nothing commented. Am I just SOL with this phone? Does it just seem to have speakers that die easily?

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