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    My Co-worker and I both got our phones right around launch day (she got it on launch day and I got it the day after), so she's obviously well past her 30 days.

    about 2-3 weeks ago she dropped it and got some obvious dings and stuff on it, but all was still functioning.
    She was having some problems with slownesss and her system sounds so I suggested she do a full restore of the phone.

    Before doing that she called the Sprint store and they told her to come in.
    Then she restored the phone and it fixed the issue.

    She went in to the Sprint store, told her whole story about dropping it and the problems she's been having.
    The guy, without even looking at her phone, went in the back and got her a brand new one and swapped her phone right there.

    I checked it out for her today and it's perfect, no oreo, no dead / stuck pixels, perfect slider..

    So for all the bad Sprint customer service stories out there, just remember there's at least as many good experiences.
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    don't worry, everyone will forget, and then one person will demand some unreasonable deal from sprint and then will post on here how horrible they are.

    I've personally had nothing but good from sprint
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    They've always been good to me. Even when I was disgruntled. We all have those moments. They take good care of me. My definition of a good carrier is Sprint.

    Have a great day.
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    Been a Sprint customer since '99, and have never regretted it. And now I get the Pre!
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    I agree. Sprint has done nothing but take care of me. I have been a customer for 8 years & they have always been great & taken care of me. Around 2006 their on hold time was rediculous, but lately they have been great.
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    yeah they use to sux big time nothing but trouble, but they have been great to deal with over the last year. hope they make it cause they also give the best bang for the buck
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    Quote Originally Posted by wp746911 View Post
    don't worry, everyone will forget, and then one person will demand some unreasonable deal from sprint and then will post on here how horrible they are.

    I've personally had nothing but good from sprint
    Sad but true.
    Overall, Sprint is pretty darn good. They have a lot of work to fix the past though.
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    I had a similar problem. My pre started giving me trouble all of a sudden last week: wouldn't work properly, dead pixels, oreo affect got worse, had to restart various times. So I talked the sales person who sold me the pre, went in today and got a new phone without any fuss. They didn't even look at the old one, he already had a new pre waiting for me, did all the paperwork and I walked out with a new, good pre in less then 30 mins. I was super amazed.

    I had At&T before this and last year when my phone stopped working, they put me through a ringer and then told me I couldn't exchange it because it was too late.

    So far, so good. I'm loving Sprint.
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    I've been with Sprint since '99 and I've never had a major problem.
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    Sprint is GTG in my book, no issues either. i do wish they up'ed what they gave you for trade in value though. $75-$150 is sub par IMO.
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    Well, I never used to have good luck with Sprint, but these past 4-5 years, the improvements have been quite impressive (not sure what will happen now that CS has been bought by Ericsson). I swear, in the past year I've probably gotten AT LEAST $500 in free stuff from them, just because they felt like it. I never had to ask (or should I say lie) to get free stuff. Every time I call in with a legitimate issue, I hang up having gotten something. Let's see any other provider match that.
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    1st post here!!! I have been with Sprint since 2002, and have been happy with them. They have always been helpful to me and provided incentives when there has been any issues.

    I can't say I have had a bad experience with them.

    Exteneded my commitment another 2 years with them last week when I got the Pre! Three lines with them now... Wifes BB Curve, my Pre, and my old Mogul... (technically 4 if I include my work BB 8830 that is with Sprint as well)
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    Just bought Pre's for me and my wife today at a Sprint store. Excellent customer service. The guy who helped us was the Pre "advocate" and since I was the only one looking at the Pre, I went straight to the front of the long line. He then proceeded to help me with every issue and doubt I had, and even found a nice monthly discount off of my bill. It may have been only one employee, but I can't say that I've ever had a bad experience with Sprint customer service.

    Just my $0.02
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