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    Quote Originally Posted by bRANDON_nGS View Post
    Martial arts class just to protect your self from random pre-muggers lol
    It must be multi-tasking martial arts!
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    maybe you should stat a Pre-tial arts studio lol
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    I'm so sorry you had to undergo that mess Slave4u...that is just bizarre!

    It sounds crazy, but I lived at 1350 Charnelton at the apt complex right across from the old library for 3 years, smack in the middle of the block right where you got hit, and never had anything remotely like that happen. Mind you, I was aware how ghetto that area was, my old apt probably still has nicks on the floorboards from when I used to shoot at the rats/mice or whatever they were with a pellet gun

    With your luck, I'd just advise you to stay on your side of I-5, Charnelton is nothing compared to my old apt in Springfield, those people would break your legs for a six-pack of PBR

    Just be glad your O.K.
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    The phone only would have worked for 1 hour after the mugging...The battery would have been dead...LOL.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trekker View Post
    Next time, carry a Glock with your Pre.
    I prefer my baby Bersa....or the Ruger when I know I'm going into a rough area
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    Quote Originally Posted by ImmaSlave4U View Post
    I was mugged while walking on the sidewalk Friday night! I'm so Pre had been in perfect condition (no glitches, defects). I have, of course, contacted Sprint and had them suspend the line. I wish they could track my phone!
    Wow - that sucks. Don't you wish you could have a little instantaneous sidewalk justice? At least you weren't hurt, which is all that matters in the larger context after all.

    Your story reminded me of similar one regarding the iPhone that was posted here. Even if you have the ability to track your phone, it doesn't necessarily mean it's the smart thing to do!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dusty78 View Post
    That's why I carry my pre in one holster and a .45 in another.
    Quote Originally Posted by CDAustin View Post
    Note to self: Move to Texas, carry gun, try not to get mugged
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trekker View Post
    Next time, carry a Glock with your Pre.
    There's an app for that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meriwether View Post
    I see you did consider adding Family Locator. That might have worked, don't know why Sprint didn't suggest it before you switched off service.
    Because if they did suggest it then he'd have reason to be upset with them when they told him he was responsible for all the international calls made on his phone since it wasn't reported stolen.
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    Next time you go to score meth leave your Pre at home.

    Glad you are OK and nothing worse happened. Did they get your wallet and other stuff too?
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    Muggings are considered violent crimes in most areas. I would ask the investigator if they plan on using the palm pre's location service to find the mugger. Most muggers are not that bright, he probably has it in his underwear drawer. It would not be the first time stolen phone/GPS are used to find a lead in the case.
    Thank you
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    So sorry to hear about that man.

    I have a script installed on my phone that I can use to get its location on demand -- just in case (God forbid) something like this happens. I remote login, run the script and it sends me an email with an Google Maps link. I pity the fool that tries to steal from me.
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    better watch the forums for someone asking how to activate a blocked esn from sprint on verizon.
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    13/14th charnelton.. weird.. I live at 13th and lincoln.. high rise buidling.. overlooking that allyway and charnelton.. slightly sketchy dimlit area...

    small world
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    Sorry to hear about your mugging. Hopefully you will be able to recover your Pre at some point.

    This post got me wondering about Sprint Family Locator. I am new to Sprint with the Pre. I went into my web account and looked around at the options. I'm wondering if you want to do the SFL trial, is there anything you have to do on the phone? If something unfortunate like this were to happen, or if I were to simply misplace my Pre, could I log into my Sprint account and begin the trial and locate my phone? Or would I need to do it in advance because of some step that must be taken on the phone?

    Thanks for any insight!
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    Now..if you would have had the Pre Lightsaber App from the Homebrew section you could have...

    Sorry I went there...
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    Remote Detonation Of the Pre App

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    Just click the trial button and everything else will follow (sfl)... Nothing needs to be done to the phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by groovy View Post
    +2 Some people aren't nice unless they're made to be.
    +3 for me the mugger would not have enjoyed the experience.
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    Sorry bout your lost Pre!

    I'm not sure if this was an option for you, but you can track your phone if its on if you sign up for sprint family locator. it maybe could have helped the cops find the bad guys!

    google Sprint family locator
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