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    I have like 800 people I don't even know in my phone.

    Is there any easy way how to get rid of those contacts and keep them from syncing? Every time someone emails me, Google and Pre will save them. I'd like to block this feature completely.

    I guess some kind of PC software would be nice. Just connect the Pre via USB, and delete all the emails, contact and stuff you don't want/need...
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    yeah seriously - i have the same problem. i spent literally two hours using the "merge contacts" feature in gmail to combine people's info into single contacts and then deleting contacts i didnt know...but there are still tons left
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    Google is awful at contact management.

    End the partnership to sync with google (for contacts) and use something else.
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    My Google Apps account only saves contacts that I email. It does not save the ones that only email me. Quite frankly anyone that I email I want in my contacts list. I really like the way it works.
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    It is my understanding there is a setting somewhere (many email services have this) that saves addresses to contacts (handy if you use spam filters) to ensure that you get email you want to get rather than it getting dumped to the spam/bulk folder. Find this setting turn it off and then clean out your contacts.

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