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    I manage my bill online and noticed something odd: three charges of $18 each. When I called Sprint to inquire about the $54 worth of charges, they said the "upgrade fees" were due to the multiple exchanges of the phone at the radio shack I purchased the phone from. He did not hesitate to waive the charges, but its disconcerting knowing that I would have paid this without knowing if I didn't check. He said it was likely the RS rep who forgot to waive the fee with each exchange.


    I hope I'm the only one, but just in case...
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    It's been posted before. You don't exchange the Pre, effectively you trade your old Pre in for a less old Pre and pay Sprint the depreciation difference between the two phones.
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    But the rep waived the fee. We agreed that it was not my fault for having a defective phone, and he happily adjusted the bill.

    Sorry if this was posted before. I did a search for similar threads and tags and couldn't find one, so I thought it would be okay. Doesn't hurt to refresh memories, I suppose.
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    I had this happen to me too. Fortunately, Sprint is very good about quickly and painlessly adjusting your bill when you ask them (better than other carriers IMHO). You just need to check your bill for charges that you feel you shouldn't have to pay.

    I will point out that Sprint is no worse than any other carrier when it comes to adding all these charges to pad your bill. They are just better at removing them for you.
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    I exchanged Pre #1 during the first 30 days, then did a full refund on Pre #2 so I could buy Pre #3 at Best Buy and get one without the oreo effect. And after all that, there's absolutely nothing wrong with my bill. I'm seriously shocked.

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