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    When I have a calendar notification coming in from Outlook that's set to go off 15 minutes before the appointment, it goes off again 2 more times (once at the appointment time and again 15 minutes later) no matter what I press.

    If I dismiss it, it still goes off, during my meeting!

    Anyone else?
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    That's weird.. B/c I have had appts that I put directly in the pre for work (under the palm calender, unfortunately I am unsure about how to just add extra calendar profiles) and have received no notification of the event, nor my little sister's b-day; which is under her contact info and I placed on calendar.
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    My notifications for Calendar are buggy too. It will keep dinging me even if I dismiss appointments.
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    I've seen that off an on too. Sometimes it will give me one after the meeting (sometimes 30+ minutes after start) and sometimes it will behave normally.

    I've noticed that if I actually open the calendar within a short time (if not immediately) of a notification, that is when its the most buggy w/ wacked reminders.

    You're not alone!

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