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    Hahaaaa... good stats.... i can guarantee a 10% drop whne i talk on the phone for 30 mins... and using tweed for 10-15 mins 8% drop.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by azack View Post
    mine is still at 45% its been 25 hours so far........sweet
    Quote Originally Posted by thegeester68 View Post
    Jeebus! What sort of usage?!!
    Maybe it is being used as a paper weight or azack has found the new Pre Coma mode that uses minimal battery to power the life support.

    Gotta ask, what battery is azack using?
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    I about 44% left at noon, after 4 hours of listening to stored audio, several texts , and a couple calls...and I've had it on (meaning "unplugged") since about 5:30 am. I wonder where the battery level was when I started playing podcasts, at 8am.
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    Ok, well at least its not just me. The first two days I had this phone, the battery would drain down 20 % after maybe 5 hours of average use (web browsing some, making a few calls and texts etc. This is totally unacceptable as I business travel out to California from the Kentucky occaionally and that makes for a long day since I dont leave my client site until 5:00 their time. I need my phone to last me a good 14 hours or so.

    The 4th day (this was about the 5th complete charging of the battery) I tried a few tips I read here, I lowered the brightness and turned everything off in location services. WOW, the next day I spent at the office I had about 70% battery life left after 8 hours at work. The following day I really used my pre, I listened to pandora, made more calls, listened to some MP3s, surfed more and basically used it without even considering preserving battery power. I still had about 50% battery after 12 hours. This is actually quite an improvement over my Sprint HTC mogul. Maybe it was the update, or the tips I followed or maybe the battery just needed to be drained and charged a few times.
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    I'm not sure if anyone quantitatively tested airplane mode, but for anyone who hasn't: I put airplane mode on and it lost (seriously) only 2% battery (90-88) over the 7.5 hrs I was sleeping.
    Thats pretty awesome
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    After the update - we noticed that the network setting in the phone app reset back to defaults... Before the update our battery life was much improved by setting the network to "Sprint Only"...after the update we didn't notice that the setting was reset back to "Automatic" but we did notice that our battery life sucked again. Setting it back to "Sprint Only" gave us back our not great but acceptable battery life.
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    man, I wish I was getting these type of results everyone else is getting!!!

    How many times has everyone cycled their battery? Let it drain all the way down and charge it back up? Maybe I just have a crappy battery or something lol. Also, I have that paper wedged in the back of the phone to prevent the slider crash, does anyone think this might actually hurt the battery life? Just ideas I am throwing out there
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