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    man its so funny how people have so much different ranges in battery!

    I live in Chicago and have 5 bars constantly but it still seems to drain pretty quick. It takes me an hour to get to work, I listen to music and it drains around 10-15% of battery, I guess that is normal, but from the way everyone else talks about theirs, it seems pretty high.

    I really want the battery life to be like my BB though, I never had to worry about going out after work and having the phone die...
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    I wish my phone would last a full day of heavy use. I was at Comic Con and was always desperately trying to find wall plugs while not on the exhibit floor. My phone died several times, and I honestly have to say that I missed out on a few panels and show floor time by being tethered to a wall outlet (I got to rest my weary feet, so not all bad, lol).

    On day 1, I was using the phone a lot. Texting to find friends and gather info about giveaways, etc. Calendar use so I can see what panels were happening. Web to look up artist/comic info. Phone to make calls (obviously). GPS to find restaurants/hotels of friends. I was really hoping that I could get a full-days use out of the Pre because this is where it really shines. Unfortunately I had to carry my charger around and charge it at every single opportunity I had.

    Day 2 and 3 saw less usage, but I still had a dead phone by 1pm if I didn't charge it (which is about 5 hours of use).

    Again, not trying to be negative, but just an honest experience. Maybe I'm asking for the impossible (with today's state of the art), but it would be nice to get solid battery life for a change.
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    8 hours and @ 50%. Nothing better than before, because it'll be dead before the end of the day if I don't charge it.

    This is why i ordered the 2600mAh extended battery...
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    I'm thinking the update has screwed with my battery. I have not had a problem with my phone up till the last update.
    My Pre was bought on launch day and worked perfectly.
    Ever since the update my phone keeps coming up with low battery notification every 2 to 3 hours and shuts down 2 to 3 times a day.
    I start it up again each time and the battery reads as fine.
    Needless to say I bought it to sprint today and they can't tell me what's wrong with it? They ordered me a replacement which is going to take a week and may be refurbished!
    This will suck if they give me a refurbished since I paid 200+ for this phone.
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    81% for me with about an hour of browsing time this morning and a few texts over the course of the day. That seems to be about normal for me before and after 1.1.

    I normally see about ~8-10% drain over an 8 hour work day barely using the phone.
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    2 push accounts here and after 1.1 I can barely make it to 7pm (Off the charger at 10am) [b]WITH[]/b] a 1350 Seidio battery. I guess my two push accounts REALLY kill the battery.
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    Mine last a full day when a lot of the time goes at work where I barely use it. On a heavy use free day I'd recharge from 10% twice in ine day...
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    Seems to be lasting longer, but the phone is possessed now...
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Mighty BK View Post
    Seems to be lasting longer, but the phone is possessed now...
    Hate when they start spewing pea soup all over the place.
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    lol im still at 60% and its been 15 hours so far sweet im not going to charge it and see how long it will go
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    I've noticed improved battery life recently as well.
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    I think palms just messing with everyone just to see how the "consumers" react or maybe im just going insane since its 5 am im on the pre site & i dnt have my pre yet lol
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    i was at the bar today for happy hour, i left home with 75% battery life, i managed to kill the phone after 3hours of non stop texting/IMing - probably around 300-350 texts, it was amazing .
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    Noticed a significant change this morning compared to previous mornings even after the 1.1.0 update. I typically spend an hour in the morning drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes and browsing these forums via my WiFi connection. Usually my battery is at around 82% charge at the end of this hour ritual. Today my battery was at 95% charge after this hour ritual. So my guess is that Sprint is making changes to their network that are improving battery performance of the Pre. I can't say this has anything to do with the 1.1.0 update since previous to today my battery performance had pretty much been the same since initially purchasing my Pre on 6/6/09.
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    mine is still at 45% its been 25 hours so far........sweet
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    I think I beat you all guys, afyer sucky battery life after 1.1 today my phone IMPRESED me with 98% after 5 hours and 30 min of stand by.
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    Grabbed my phone off the TS this morning at around 6:30 and now at 12:54PM CST its sitting at 81% with light texting, checking three email accounts randomly and checking my Facebook pages a few times.
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    Quote Originally Posted by azack View Post
    mine is still at 45% its been 25 hours so far........sweet
    Jeebus! What sort of usage?!!
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    Hm, after switching to Sprint only, my phone has dropped from 81% to 71% in a 4 hour period. That's with some googling, a phone call, and some text.
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    I am also seeing a sudden decrease in battery usage since I purchased my phone last week. The first several days were pretty bad but suddenly today my meter is still at 87% at 2:14pm after 5hrs of being off the charger. Definitely much better than previous days.

    I did change my settings to 1xRTT using ##3836# first thing this morning.
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