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    So I got my pre a few ago. Now I'm all for the whole unlocking jailbreaking and installing homebrew apps on my devices like Itouch, Blackberry, and Helio Ocean. Now I can't by the life of me get my palm emulator to run on my laptop so I can get the initial apps its telling me to install vmbox 2.2 or something like that but I have so I'm getting pretty frustrated. I'm running windows vista 64 bit any help would be appreciated thanks guys.
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    You may have to go into services.msc and Start or restart the Novacom Driver.

    If your phone is in Dev. mode and plugged into your pc Charge only, then check to see if the Palm-novacom driver is started.

    Once you get this going you do Not really need to open the emulator, you save the .ipk file in a folder on your desktop thne drag it to the palm-install.bat

    C:\Program Files\Palm\SDK\bin palm-install.bat

    then you will see a command box/shell open up run command lines then closes,

    The file should be on your Pre.
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    Installing the SDK on Windows €“ webOSdev €“ Palm

    Directions here, just in case you missed anything.
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    Probably should post this in the webos dev forum or see the instructions there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by santos View Post
    Probably should post this in the webos dev forum or see the instructions there.
    Mycroft has put together a straight forward Tutroial on how to do this.

    How install Homebrew Apps

    Also Once you get learn how to run Novicom and add ipk files to th ePalm-install.bat
    The 1st app you should install is filecoaster.

    It is an app that allows you to install Apps directly from your Pre to your Pre, all you have to do once Filecoaster is installed ,
    go to the App copy the link of the app into the Filecoaster app on your pre and click install. DONE! No need to plug your pre into a pc. easy as pie!
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    why you pissed?
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    It's not letting me install the driver saying I need to go to the vendors website but isn't it on in the folder as well. Man, I know i'm not really a retard I mess with linux all the time but this thing really isn't cooperating.

    Thanks everyone for your imput really appreciate it.

    It took me a day to calm down and rethink the steps.
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    alright, alright. Sorry for the outburst but I was finally able to figure this out and now it's working just fine

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