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    The previous cycle for me, June 9 - July 8, was 276,588 KB.

    Current cycle shows 122,973 KB so far.

    I'm assuming those numbers only reflect what's actually gone over the Sprint network, and that WiFi usage doesn't count. Otherwise, I'm shocked that the numbers are so low.
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    I'm at 767MB. I'm already at 150% of what I was at for last month, and I have til the 4th of August.
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    I'm at 916,367 and mine resets on the 12th.
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    A little over 400 MB for my last bill. That is having two email accounts, checking the app catalog every day (in vain mostly), did one of the updates over the air rather then WiFi and some light Pandor or browsing from time to time.
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    How can you check data usage?
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    270MB - but I just got my Pre four days ago.

    Gunz - most people are just checking their usage from their Sprint online account.
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    From July 1 to July 29

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    Used arnd 700 MB last cycle ... used arnd 300 MB so far this month ... not too much ...
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    Had my Pre just shy of two weeks (Sat actually), and my plan resets on the 11th...

    480,496 KB used Estimated usage as of 07/30/2009.
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    Quote Originally Posted by akarol View Post
    <-- 88k here and I use it quite a lot. Oddly, my mother and sister have used around 330k each and they claim they barely go online? I know my mother has Hotmail syncing in her Pre, I don't think my sister does. However, something is very odd here.
    Do you use wifi a lot?
    I'm at 235,576 KB since the 7/23, but one day I went straight wifi to test the battery life and I noticed the KB didn't move (which makes since).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunz4sale View Post
    How can you check data usage?
    I log in to Sprint account online.
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    On my family plan we tend to not exceed 1GB but then we also use wifi as much as possible. Before we used to hit about 2GB. On my DSL home service we use 4-5GB per month (streaming netflix, online games, etc other normal internet activity). I read somewhere that the number of people using over 5GB of data a month is very small percent like 10%.
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    my billing period just ended lst nite n I was at 900 mb.
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    One Billion parsecs.
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    about 300 mb btwn july 9 and now. But I'm in a 1x only area and i use my pre on wifi at home mostly so that figure would be about 2 or 3 times that amount
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    I used 1.1 gig over my first billing cycle. I spend almost all my time near a hotspot, but sometimes my home router flips out and I don't realize it. I think it needs a firmware update. It would be neat to see a total wifi/wan usage for a month. I'm guessing I'd then be up around 5 gigs.

    Any linux geeks (respectfully of course) know of any logs that might show total usage through time. There must be a script I could run on cron to capture that.
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    resets on the 12th

    right now I'm at 961,336 KB.

    I doubt thats close to the true usage as 90% of the day i'm on wifi
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    Thank God Sprint blocks EvDO downloads from Amazon.
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    I used over 5.6 Million kb in July. Is that considered alot or average?
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