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    I have just received several emails with .eml attachments, which the Pre can't open. Is there an app. to let me view these files? Or a workaround of some sort?
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    Wondering the same thing
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    Along the same lines, what about a file explorer option? I'd imagine it would be pretty simple to navigate the folders, and change/move files, since the Pre has the ability to be used as a USB drive.

    Hopefully I'm not missing something that already exists, or has been discussed.
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    Ok, I admit this is not the best way to do this but it is a work around; the long way around.

    I just made a bookmark on my PRE for my work email server which is uses Microsoft Outlook Web Access and now when a colleague or client forwards an email as an attachment I launch the bookmark and retrieve the email that way.

    You should be able to make a bookmark for any email viewer.

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