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    About 2 hours ago, I was playing a video on the YouTube app. I turned the screen off and forgot about it.

    A few minutes ago, I touched my phone case and it was quite warm. I took the phone out and it was amazingly hot. I turned it on and then remembered I left YouTube running (in a paused state). The battery (which was at 95% prior to running YouTube) was now at 20%.

    Wow! Who would have thought running a single app would make the Pre heat up like that. So if you plan on going out in the cold, just turn on YouTube a few hours ahead of time and you'll have a nice portable heat source. Hey I have a great idea for an app... It would be called "Fireplace" and have an animated fireplace display and behind the scenes would run the CPU so hot that the phone would heat up like a fireplace!
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    great idea also some video of a cooking egg would be great

    well, some time ago ive read that the pre gets very hot and that this could affect the display and crack it. be awared.
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    Yes, and if you want an even better heater, get the brand new iPhone 3GS
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    I thought the "super sharp cut you real bad time" slider would be a great window scraper....
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    Had this happen with a paused streaming podcast in PrePod, when I was shopping in a store at the edge of EVDO/1x/no data.
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    GPS gets my Pre cooking..
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    Pandora left running in the background works great for heating up the Pre. But when its running, its not nearly as bad. Clearly there is something wrong with the background processing...
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    Yeah all joking aside, it is a little worrisome that streaming video in a paused state would heat the phone up this badly. It ate through 75% of my battery in less than 2 hours. That seems a bit drastic considering the video wasn't even playing.

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