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    Like the title states, does anyone have a perfect slider that doesn't oreo or doesn't catch or grind?
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    i had a perfect slider, I could open it with one hand in a smooth move. But it now is not smooth, I guess it grinds. With two hands it opens smoothly but I miss the one handed easy motion
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    I do
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    if it's any consolation. i had a samsung slider that i thought i'd break. it ended up lasting about 4 years with out issue. And i dropped it about 8 times (one really good time where i juggled it across the room and lost control). I also dropped it in the toilet. Darn thing is still working today. That said my 5 day old one has some wiggle. makes me nervous. Coolest damn phone though.
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    I'd consider mine to be perfect (as perfect as moving parts ever are). There's a tiny bit of play, but not even a millimeter, I can open it easily with one hand or two, and everything feels completely solid. This is on a day 1 Pre purchase.
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    I'm fortunate to have a outstanding slider on mine but I wouldn't say perfect but i lucked out since i bought it off of craigslist lol
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    Mine has been great since launch day... Until I saw a couple of the YouTube videos, I didn't really know exactly what people were complaining about.

    The only mark on mine is a slight chip in the finish of the center button, which is especially visible when it's lit. I'll have to split the blame with Palm since I let it slip off a surface to land face down.

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    Bought my Pre a few weeks ago and haven't had a single hardware issue (a few software issues but nothing noteworthy).
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    Mines nice and smooth and no "oreo"
    Went from iPhone to Pre and love it!
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    I got mine on launch day and the slider has been smooth, no hardware issues whatsoever.

    The only issue I've had at all is a little bit of lag since installing some homebrew apps.
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    My launch pre has been flawless so far. I feel extremely lucky!
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    Perfect here
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    i cringe at the term "oreo effect", not because of the actual effect but because of how nauseatingly exaggerated the simile is
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    I had a small twisting effect, but I was able to eliminate it and its perfect now.
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    Very little twisting. Almost not noticeable. Not bothering me any.
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    Mine's perfect too. It's very smooth and solid feeling when I slide it open.
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    Day 1, 7th in line. Been perfect. Still is.
    Treo 300,600,650,755p and now Pre
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    5th Pre has perfect slider.
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    So far mine is gtg...
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    3rd Pre finally has no defects...
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