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    Read some where that there might be an app coming out that if you set an alarm to wake you up that works with traffic and if there is heavy traffic, it will wake you earlier. Anyone hear this as well?
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    Was it something Roger mentioned?
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    You're better off using an infinite improbability alarm.

    Unless, of course, you can think of some way to predict when an accident is going to occur in the future?

    I really just don't think you thought your idea all the way through....
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    It should have this functionality -- they are called smart applications.
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    I could use something like this. I mean, I can usually rely on other drivers to wake me up when I veer into another lane. But having an alarm to wake me up when traffic is approaching would be nice.
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    Should be easy enough to do. There are plenty of web sites that update traffic times and conditions live. Get the app to recognize an average drive time and to wake you up earlier if that avg drive time increases anywhere along your route. Not a bad idea. Pretty sure I would even pay for that if it worked. Wouldn't be fool proof, but at least you would have a warning for those snowy days where traffic backs up early, or for the days when thay drunk driver crashes on 294 on his way home from the bar at 4am and screws up morning traffic.
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    Um... if there is heavy traffic, wake you up earlier? Sounds like you want an alarm that can see the future...

    Traffic patterns, however; may be useful but not accurate. And really, it'll probably wake you up the same time everyday. Just wake up early everyday!
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    Just playing devil's advocate but does anyone get ready before they leave their house? I know I do. If an alarm woke me up earlier because of an accident that happened while I was still supposed to be sleeping, I would not be too happy with my phone if the accident was cleared by the time I was ready to leave. I'd be missing out on precious sleep. Although it would give everyone one more thing to blame Palm about.

    What we need is an app that literally can see into the future. That way the alarm program will know whether or not the accident will be cleared by the time I leave. Then it needs to be able to make a logical decision on what time to wake me. That would be ideal.

    Lastly, I wish there was a sarcasm emoticon.

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