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    it's happend to me a few times as well. palm really needs to resolve this issue asap.
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    Happened again......

    I have minor issues with the phone, and im not one of those people who complain about returning a phone because it doesn't have text forwarding, but I will get a replacement if

    1. This keeps happening
    2. Palm does not at least acknowledge the issue

    Will sprint replace or will i have to go through insurance??
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    I had my first reboot encounter last night while I was charging and listening to music. The unusual thing is that after my pre reboot, all the music and photos were gone AND the phone now says the hard drive is full???? Anyone have any suggestions or have heard about the phone saying its full when its obvioulsy not?
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    ok this is becoming a daily ritual!

    Happened again this morning.

    count:3 !!!!

    Always in the morning!
    I have some task due/overdue that i never cleared. This only started happening after the due dates passed.

    Think there's a relation?

    Anyone with resets, also have overdue task reminders?

    After the reset, I get the overdue reminder icon again....
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    I've had this happen too, a few times... I went to the Sprint Service store and they sent me a "new" refurbished one in the mail... so basically it's someone else's broken phone that's been fixed. I'm not happy but we'll see what happens this time. By the way, this is my 3rd Pre - the first one had a loose slider, the second one was defective too. This phone is way too fragile...
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    I have had the same issue as everyone esle, but we are all stating our problem, I have seen no real soloution other than putting a wedge of thick paper near the battery to make sure its not the battery, BUT WAIT!!!!! DIDNT WE PAY FOR A "BETTER PRODUCT" BETTER THAN THE IPHONE....Why should I be putting a piece of think paper in my PRE to make it work better! Im telling you guys I get dissapointed more and more every day with this phone! But I wont return it!
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    I'm not putting paper into anywhere, if it continues im just getting a new one.
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    well it happens to me while the phone is flat on my desk at work so i dont think its the battery.

    It only started after 1.1 and after overdue task. Maybe some weird bug/conflict.
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    So here is the deal...

    My Pre turned off on me today. had 80% battery. I watched it go to the Palm Logo, restart and boom. Back up and running. WTF!

    So now, My slider scratches the back mirror and the top black plastic strip... My phone is also starting to restart itself and turn off. Aside from that, I have a slight wiggle woggle that people call THE OREO EFFECT.

    I'm going to a sprint store after work, I'm going to whip out my flip mino and record my experience of the exchange attempt. I'm going to put the flip in my pocket once I get into the store so you won't be able to see what's going on but you'll be able to hear the conversation...

    Should I or shouldn't I flip mino it?

    EDIT... Hmm, then again, now that I think of it, I believe it's illegal to record conversation without their consent... So perhaps recording my experience is a no go!
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    Just a heads up to everyone who's having problems.

    Last week I restored using the WebOS Doctor and I haven't had any problems over the last 5 days (knock on wood). My phone was rooted as well, so who knows what could have been going on behind the scenes. So that may be an option some of you want to consider. Your mileage may vary. And remember that restoring wipes out EVERYTHING.
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    I just got my PalmPre yesterday, have already replaced it once today because of the shutdonw. got a new one today, and does the same thing after the 1.1 upgrade. Palm has to fix this w/in 2 days otherwise I am returning!
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    I was also having the constant random shut-downs/reboots since the webOS 1.1 download on 7/24.

    I tried erasing the entire phone twice with no help. Called tech support multiple times.

    On Wednesday, I called and said I needed a new phone. They had a new one to me Thursday morning. I use the backup tricks from the link below and saved everything one last time.

    Everything has been great since then. Not one shutdown.

    - Craig
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    hmmm, mine randomly did this about 4 days ago and i was like "huh"??

    Dwight Shrute
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    i cleared out that overdue task. No restarts since Friday. It's usually around this time.

    I never rooted my Pre, so hoping the overdue task was the link, and is an easy workaround.

    We'll see....
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    Just to add on: Mine has been randomly shutting off, sometimes when closing the slider and sometimes when it is stationary. What's the point of getting a replacement when so many others complain of the same issue. Palm needs to correct this immediately. Some of us just want an operable phone and don't have the time or desire to become Pre technicians and fool around with WebOsDr or any other technical duties.
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    My pre has randomly reset on me twice now, both times when receiving a text and clicking on the little icon on the bottom right corner to check it.
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    Mine too! Randomly shuts off whether in use or off. Have to reboot in order to work. Quite inconvenient!
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    Mine just did it again. It was sitting closed about 3 feet away from me on a stack of papers.
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    4 days since i cleared out the overdue task, and still no random reboot...

    hope i got it.
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    Happened a few times to me as well...
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