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    I'm sure this has been posted somewhere before because i read about this but can't remember the solution and can't find the thread after searching...

    but... lets say someone calls you and you miss or ignore the call. This contact happens to have multiple phone number entries each listed as "mobile". The call log only shows the name and the type of phone number entry only and tapping the little person icon shows ALL the numbers for that contact. When you want to call them back, or, text them rather, with the number they called from, is there some way of retrieving tha actual # they called from without tapping the contact to call back?... The End Call button sometimes seems delayed and I don't want their phone to ring once or anything...
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    I also noticed that even if you change the type of number (example: mobile > other) the changes aren't reflected in the call log. It still shows whatever contact the call was received as. Same thing happens when you go to save a new number from incoming calls as a new or existing contact...
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    Are they all actually mobile numbers? If not you need to clean up your contacts and start marking their numbers to prevent it from happening in the future.

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