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    I already have a G1, which has been extremely reliable. It's a good phone and Android is cool, but it has very limited memory and slow processor and I prefer Palm's way of thinking about how these devices should work.

    It's a problem of execution. Do you understand the difference?
    Apparently, you didn't understand what I said. It had nothing to do with execution or anything else you keep trying to rediredt to.

    I'll repeat. If I had as much trouble with any product as you claim to have with the Pre, I wouldn't need to complain about it - I'd retrn it and find something that works.

    Personally, I think you enjoy the "poor me, my Pre sucks" stuff...
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    Got it day one, but as an employee I had faced a dilema.

    1. Squeal like a 4th grade girl
    2. Call up Sprint to do an ESN Swap
    3. Turn phone on. Durrr
    4. Do the usual "Welcome to your Pre" stuff
    5. Realize that it is not activated on your phone number, as it is blocked from employee lines.
    6. Hang your head in sorrow and dismay
    7. Realize that, for whatever reason, the Pre has data services active
    8. Use the Pre's data services, asking no questions
    9. On the day employee's were allowed to add it to their account, add it.
    10. Enjoy. Make post on the internet
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