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    it backs up every day it says. what is it backing up exactly. and when do i use it?
    if i lost my phone i can access it to dowbnload all my info to a replacement phone?


    i still havnt figured out how i want to sync with outlook etc.
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    I replaced my phone, and backup recovered my contact, email, and calendar syncs. It also recovered all of the Apps I had officially downloaded. Not music, photos, ringtones, or preferences.
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    Contacts, calendar and e-mail are in the cloud. Official apps are free, as of now. So currently, I'm not sure what the purpose of the backup is.
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    It basically saves your profile (which accounts you're syncing to).
    So, if you hard reset or get a replacement, when you log in with your palm profile the phone will know your Google or EAS info and can automatically download from those accounts
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    Does not backup bookmarks! I have had to change phone 2 times now and the bookmarks is a pain in the rump!
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    I like it but I echo the sentiment - include bookmarks please!!!
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    So is there any way to go to the gmail account that was setup and look at the backup info?
    I got the verification email and can log onto the Palm site which confirms the account is "verified", but the phone Backup App still shows "This profile has not been verified" even after it says Backup Complete in the backup profile on my phone.
    I think I liked the old method of backing up n my PC better. I dont really like being forced to open an account and upload personal info to Google.
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    Does it backup Memo's?

    What about the apps data like SplashID?

    What about SMS, MMS or text messages?

    Icon placement on the Launcher pages?

    How about phone settings (Wi-Fi, BT, Sounds/Ringtone settings)?

    If it does not do these then it is worthless.
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    It backs up memos, iirc. Seems to back up location services but not ringtone settings or wifi settings.

    Not text messages, iirc, or icon placements.
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    It doesn't backup contacts fully, either. I had to get another phone and my AIM contacts (after linking them with correct listings on my first phone so I didn't have random screen names floating around in my list) weren't linked up properly. I spent two hours properly linking everything again.
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    Do a hard reset and find out
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    Re backing up and restoring of contacts...

    Every contact on your phone is associated with a profile.

    Contacts you manually enter are associated with the Palm profile and are backed up exactly as you entered them, and are restored exactly as you entered them.

    Contacts imported from the cloud are associated with gmail or facebook profiles as appropriate. The profile account info is backed up and restored, but not individual contacts. It is assumed that for these contacts the new/restored phone can just discover them again.

    Contact profile links are handled in the phone and are not backed up. The new/restored phone will auto_link as it sees fit. You may need to manually delete some auto-links or manually create some links the phone did not automatically create.

    That's how it works, for better or worse.

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    Cloud, contact profile, link, auto link. Makes no sense to me. I just want to know that its all backed up and not have to hope.
    Hard reset and find out, thats funny.
    What does the setup data transfer software mean by "One time use"? Does that mean you only need to run it once, or you only CAN run it once? Currently my old phone is my real back up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 911_Dude View Post
    Cloud, contact profile, link, auto link. Makes no sense to me.
    The user manual is long, but the specific section that explains that stuff is not.

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    See the Backup article for details on backups and synching as well as your options.

    - Craig
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    I haven't read through what the backup does exactly but since I've had to do a hard-reset on my device the following items were reloaded upon restart: Memo's, asked me if I wanted to re-sync my contact list & calender (I use gmail), email settings, my home wi-fi settings, apps downloaded from app catalog.
    It didn't save any stuff settings like sms messages, wallpapers, alarms, ringtones.

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