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    I have done a search as well as talked with tech support at campanionlink, but still have not quite figured this out. I am trying to sync palm desktop and the pre using companionlink for google. The calendar works fine. When I enter something on the calendar in the pre, it appears on google and my desktop. And the reverse as well.

    The contacts do not. If I enter a new contact on the pre, it does not appear in google contacts nor the desktop.
    Companionlink tech support said "it was not their problem."

    Suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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    This is going to seem real stupid, but have you verified that you've checked contacts under the settings/Applications? Are your contacts in the main folder for Contacts, or under subfolders?? What version are you running (I'm using it as well).
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    Gosh! I wish it sounded better than that!

    It's true that CompanionLink for Google goes from Palm Desktop to Google. That's all CompanionLink really does. So if Pre isn't sending to Google, there's nothing for CompanionLink to pick up.

    From the Pre to Google is a setup in Synergy. On the Pre, I would go to your Contacts application, and check your settings for the Google account. Be absolutely sure of spelling on your email address and password. If you are sure, and Pre still doesn't send to Google, try making a new Google account with a distinctive name, just to see if that works. We have seen cases where some Google accounts are "stuck" although sometimes they spontaniously unstick. We have theories on how Google stores the contacts for each person, how many servers they use, and who may be affected by a partial outage, but the cases have been rare. Overall Google is very dependable.

    Once you check it, from the Contacts application, select the menu option to force it to synchronize right away. Also add a contact on the Google side to see if it gets to the Pre.

    I hope this information helps. Post back if you can get Pre talking to Google Contacts. Once the data is in Google, CompanionLink will take care of the Palm Desktop sync.

    Wayland Bruns, CTO
    CompanionLink Software, Inc.
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    Mr. Bruns,

    Thanks for your prompt reply. I just now had a chance to check everything. Here is what I found:

    I put a test date in my pre, my palm desktop and gcalendar. Everything synced both directions except the palm profile calendar on the pre. The test entry there did not transfer over. Perhaps it is not supposed to since it is not linked to google?

    As for contacts, I also did a test contact in google contacts, palm desktop and the pre. The gcontact went to the pre, but not the palm desktop. The pre test transferred no where. The palm desktop did transfer to the pre and google contacts. The only thing I may have done wrong is the Palm profile is my default for contacts. Is that the problem?

    If that is the case, is it correct that neither the palm profile calendar, nor the palm profile contacts will transfer with CLink?

    Thanks for your help.

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