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    My Brother-in-law has this app on his phone and its addictive!
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    What is it and for what platforms?
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    It is awesome. And I would love to have it on my Pre.
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    and google latitude!
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    Quote Originally Posted by santos View Post
    What is it and for what platforms?
    Google Sky Map

    Looks pretty cool.

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    Point ur phone at a star and it will tell you what it is and the constellation sp? It belongs to. Point it at the ground and see what china is looking at! It brings a new perspective to seeing our sky. It will also tell you where to point ur phone to see a certain object you select.
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    Ditto on hoping this makes it to the pre.

    I was wondering if the Google apps tend to be limited only to Google phones or if they have been ported to the iPhone, etc.
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    Sounds cool, but I don't think that the Palm Pre has a built in compass. It would still be neat to have a version where you could manually search.
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    It requires the use of the digital compass feature to fully function, so I doubt it will come to the Pre.
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    more and more i'm thinking of maybe moving over to the htc hero.
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    That is a really cool app. I wonder if it has a "Red" mode to protect night-vision when observing. Kinda limited utility if it doesn't.
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    It's an app on the Verizon Droid and maybe other Android phones.

    What it does, "Google Sky Map is a must-have tool for backyard astronomers, sailors who still navigate by the stars, or anyone who just likes cool new technology. Sky Map uses the Droid's highly accurate positioning system to display a map of all the stars and planets that are directly aligned with the device's screen.

    When the device is rotated in a different direction, the on-screen map moves to reflect this position change. It is highly accurate, lining up perfectly with whatever stars are in the sky. This app is one of the coolest free apps available for the Verizon Wireless Droid."
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    A version of this app for the WEB OS is in early beta testing but can be downloaded (theoretically).

    Since I can't include links yet, you can find the web site by googling starmap mobile.
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    I don't think Starmap Mobile is activily being developed anymore Too bad, since I have been looking for a WebOS replacement for PalmOS' Planetarium. Another reason I'll be stuck with 1.4.5.
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    Star Map Mobile

    Here ya go

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