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    Quote Originally Posted by ranzchic View Post
    Well, not an iphone, but quite similar. i used to use s combo of a dumbphone and an ipod touch. I miss one or two apps, and personally like the hardware of the iphone/ipod touch line but I fell in love with webOS.

    Easilly the the most useable and prettiest mobile platform to date. I can't believe someone not-named Apple beat Apple in thier own game. Android has potential too but Palm is doing it better. I also like the shape of the Pre but wish it was made out of metal and glass intead.

    I'm still keeping the touch to use some apps like the diet one but that's about it.
    I think that, hardware aside, Android with Sense UI has the potential to be amazing. Frankly, I think that webOS will have some trouble wooing developers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kpozan View Post
    There are so many people with iPhones that they've been kicked out of the club.

    I have a 15" MacBook Pro and an iPod Touch (and numerous older Apple computers), so naturally I'm in the club. My computer has Mac OS X and Windows 7 on it. Can you put Mac OS X on your computer? Looks like I have more control over my computer than you do.
    lol... i am running mac osx on my netbook.. i call it my mac book nano.. and i did it just for the fact of being able to say i can... 300 dollar computer equivalent to the air but much more superior which is 1300 dollars entry.

    OSx86 Project | InsanelyMac
    my netbook...
    1.6 intel atom
    500gig sata hd
    1.5gigs of ram

    sorry my friend but apple products do indeed lock people out. and there is nothing wrong with that some people need to be locked out as for me... not one of them.

    not in the club... i actually returned my ipod to use the money to buy the netbook lol. i hate itunes so i couldnt stand the damn thing.

    here is a little video someone else made.

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    I switched too, I love the Pre so much more. Definitely worth it. The only thing that bothered me about the switch was that I missed some of the apps (Geocaching,, etc) that I had on my iPhone, but I'm willing to be patient for these to release on the Pre as well.
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    I switched from 1st gen Iphone to the palm pre. One thing I do miss is all the apps but I'm sure the palm pre will come out with some apps in the near future. The future looks bright.
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