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    Travian is an awesome massively multiplayer online RTS browser-based game. I would love to play this on my Pre but for some reason the hotlinks on the map, land, and city pages do not work. In the mean time I have created an off site page that has links to my fields, buildings and whatnot but I still cannot navigate the map. I could play this on my 6 year old dumbphone and would think a modern smartphone like the pre would be able to render the pages correctly.

    I'm hoping Palm updates the browser so the acid 3 test gets better than a one. Then hopefully I'll be able to play my favorite browser game.
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    Wow, surprising. I was able to rough it out on my 700P.
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    As a travian player ... it is a sad day for palm pre owners like myself

    Anyone who knows me ... knows how much I have been selling this amazing phone ... BUT ... PLZZZZZZ ... someone IN AUTHORITY that "gives a %^&$ ...plz correct this soon ....

    I have tried to installed opera and safari mobile browsers with no luck cuz palm won't recognize the format

    My friends that own iphones are laughing at me
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    can some one plis create an app for this game, i will really like to be able to play it, that way i can keep an eye in my proces
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    I used to play Travian - it took over my life. In the end I managed to break free, and whilst I occasionally consider opening a new account, so far I've managed to resist, heh.
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    I'll have to check when I have a chance, but I have played several Travian servers and when I bought my Pre a month or so ago, with my Server in the middle of the Endgame, I made sure that I could access my account, and was able to. An App to make it simpler sure would be nice, but I was still able to access the account.
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    There was once a time when I played Travian, only to have my account mysteriously disappear O.o Great game though, and I hope they bring support to webOS.
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    I could do everything from my Instinct but can only log in on my Pre and read messages/attacks. Any clicks on the village map or resource map cannot be selected. I suppose if you have put gold into a plus account and build on a village template you can create links to each building, thus being able to do the things that are currently impossible.
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    So the current implementation of the browser doesn't support image maps (links within images, added using coordinates) by the sounds of it?
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