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    So Sprint customer care called and told me that I don't use my phone enough and that they could save me some money on my monthly service by switching to the Basic 200 minute plan instead of the Everything Data 450 plan. I thought about it for a second and told her that I had a Pre and that it was required that I have an unlimited data plan. I couldn't imagine what the data charges would look like. I wonder if I could've gotten her operator number and then switched plans, then instead of $69.99 for a month I'd be $29.99 base and like 6 weeks of trying to get Sprint to undo the overage charges that would've shown up from data use.

    Might have gotten the poor girl fired, so I took the easy way out, and stuck with the Everything Data plan.
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    What the hell? Sounds kind of shady...
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    Yes...that would have been a MESS to deal with when your bill arrived. I had something similar happen last summer where the sprint rep BACKDATED a phone on my account and I was charged for every....single...9827729858258 text message. They kept turning my phones off saying I owed $1200. I had to talk to so many sprint reps it was insane. I could do nothing but cry because I couldn't even say WHO I spoke to in the first know how you get a new person everytime you call. Just a mess. Eventually got it cleared up but it took a good 2 months. They ended up giving me 500 additional anytime min on each bill and now that i renewed and got the pre, i have the 500 on top of my 450 min for the data.

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