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    Just thought it was funny how someone brought back my original Palm Pre coming soon thread in my other hobby forum I belong to! This goes back to when the Pre was just news and nothing else ... Anyone else do the same?

    Here is the link for your enjoyment, read the last comment as I am praising/defending the phone after someone says it felt flimsy compared to the iphone

    Look out iphone/google phone: Palm "Pre" coming soon!!! - Drive Accord Honda Forums
    R.I.P Palm Centro (6.5.09)
    New Pre Owner (6.6.09)

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    I tag my Pre in facebook photo's =P
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    I've been thinking about "adopting" some of the nicknames from here, and going on the iPhone forums ...

    Nah, just kidding, but it's tempting sometimes.
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    Yeah, on
    Palm Pre -
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    Seems as if in my car forums (linked above) I have alot of iphone fanboys trying to bring down the Pre ....
    R.I.P Palm Centro (6.5.09)
    New Pre Owner (6.6.09)

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