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    i just got the motorokr s9 bluetooth stereo headphones from amazon today. they sound and feel nice so far, but i havent used them outside yet. I like how they look like your not wearing bulky headphones. the true test willbe when i work outside with them tommorow
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    I loved them, but suddenly the other day I lost all sound in one ear. I'd only had them a week, and I used them for everything from conversations to music and YouTube. It looks like one of them stretched out of the center unit (still connected externally, but I guess one of the wires popped internally).Tried it on an iPod and Blackberry, and nothing.

    I went to my local Sprint store and they gave me a pair of these hideous, oversized Blackberry headphones, claiming they didn't have any Palm headphones since they don't even accept Pre exchanges at that store (a crock if I've ever heard it). I'm going to try another store this weekend and maybe Best Buy. Someone has to have Palm headphones in stock. Maybe I can pick up 2 or 3 sets...just in case.
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    I rather like them compared to some junk that has come with other palm phones. Nice to have mic/stereo.
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    I use them all the time. I think they are great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronlongo View Post
    Has anyone tried these mic adapters?

    So you can use your own headphones but still have the mic and button.
    would like some feedback on this if anyone has bought it too.

    Does Monoprice have a cheaper alternative too?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dead78 View Post
    are those going to be loud enough? the volume on the Pre is so poor...I've noticed most other headphones I've connected to it are too quiet to be worthwhile.
    Really? It may be that the headphones you're using have a higher impedance rating on them, meaning more resistance and therefore less power and lower volume.

    The CX300's got plenty loud for me used alone. If you really want to kick things up, you can get a cheap Fiio E3 or E5 headphone amp. They're cheap but sound great, plus they can easily make the Pre painfully loud.

    DealExtreme: $6.49 FiiO E3 3.5mm Earphone Volume Booster Power Amplifier (White)
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    They'd be great if they would stop falling out of my ears (even when I am just sitting/laying still); they are too large. They really hurt when they are in the ears, too - very painful! The magnets are a neat idea, but they don't stay together very well when stored (I'm always finding them apart and wires tangled).

    I like my Bluetooth stereo headset (Jaybird 200), which is A2DP and lasts a good amount of time.

    For airplanes, I use a wired noise-reducing headphone set that works well (especially great for the planes that have extra loud engines).
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