I have had my Pre for just under two weeks and I love it so far. One issue has just cropped up in the last day or so that I think must be a hardware issue because I have the problem across all of the applications that I use.

The spacebar on my keyboard feels fine to the touch, and often times it will work as it should (one space each time you tap it) but usually every 4-5 words it will either not insert a space or it will put 2-3 spaces in instead of one. I have done a ton of testing with it to see if it was the messaging app or email or the browser and it seems to do it in everything. It is brutal to have to go back and proofread every email for spaces especially when they are several screens long!

Should I just take this back to the Sprint store and request a new one? I can't handle going 2-3 days waiting for a replacement as this is my only communication/Internet tool. Thoughts?