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    I was wondering what is the best calendar app for the palm pre to use on the computer to the pre , Iím use to using my Google email accounts calendar , my father who he figured out how to set up an email ,account to work , wants to be able to type in his calendar info and have it show up on the palm pre , well I donít know what program to use. Since he is use to using the old palm os desktop program , is there a program like that for the palm pre or a work around using windows mail ?
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    I use Mozilla Thunderbird with the "Lightning" and "Provider for Google Calendar" add-ons which allows you to automatically sync your Google calendar with Thunderbird.
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    Set him up with a google account for the calendar... I think there is even some how to's on palms website for transferring old data off of palm desktop software
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    Yeah, set him up with Google calendar, which will let him either ditch Palm Desktop or keep syncing to it. I converted from Palm Desktop to Google Calendar and Gmail contacts pretty easily, but I didn't try to bring over memos or tasks.

    Contacts are the easiest. Just select all the contacts in Palm Desktop at once, select "Export vCard" from the file menu and upload the resulting vCard to contacts from Gmail.

    For the calendar, CompanionLink exported everything from Palm Desktop to the Google calendar. It will export the contacts, too, but I didn't test that because I'd already done it through the vCard export. CompanionLink is free for two weeks, so that will take care of a one-time transfer for free if your dad is migrating to Google. If he wants to keep using his old Palm Desktop calendar, $40 will buy him the full version of CompanionLink to keep Palm Desktop and Google calendar/contacts synced.

    Then just set his Pre to sync with Google calendar and contacts.

    Palm also offers a one-time transfer of the Palm Desktop data, but I haven't tried that.

    Full disclosure: I'm not getting my Pre until next week so I haven't seen how all this will look on the phone, but everything looks clean and ready to sync on Google's side.
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    Google calendar hands down. I love it and the way it communicates with my Pre.
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    I have to agree I like Google calendar too! I haven't had any problems like I have seen people talking about in other posts.

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