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    Quote Originally Posted by darmood View Post
    yep notice lag after install.. had nothing but stock phone, do the restart everyday.. something is wrong. hope they fix.
    Well there goes my list idea.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SHO_ONE View Post
    ...and wa'lah faster Pre.
    The term is voilą.
  3. gbp
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    yup agree,
    the browsing is slow and so are other apps ( Sprint TV)
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    The new animations are laggy on my pre.
    Phone/Dialer app seems to be the laggiest for me.
    (rhyme unintentional)
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    before 1.1 when my locked pre recieved a text i could read it before it goes back to black....but after 1.1 it would lag
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    Same Here! was snappy when first installed 1.1 but now its definitely lagging.
    it's like slow motion lagging. something is wrong.
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    Lag all the time since 1.1

    Glad its not just me
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    Clean 1.1 system... Very laggy :-(
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    I don't know if this is the culprit or not but I went back and removed facebook sync
    from the sync list, the phone became much more responsive. I'm sure something running in the background causing this lag. Hope someone or palm figure this out soon. I'm just experimenting out of frustration.
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    Certain homebrew apps have murdered my pre's responsiveness. At least one of the official apps does the same (pandora).
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    How do you get to the sync list?? I've been trying to find it but cant.
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