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    I seem to get the checkerboard screen MUCH more now after the update. And the same lags that everyone else here has been getting (opening launcher, notifications, etc.) Even waking the phone up with the button on top is much slower.
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    Quote Originally Posted by quahtrader View Post

    Text msg notification sound - 2-3 seconds before the text shows even with being in the text app with the screen on that person.

    Phone app - press dial - nothing happens. Press again, by that time the original press starts dialing, then your second press hangs up the phone.

    Same thing when dialing from the recent calls list.

    Recent/missed calls list still horrible scrolling - been that way since day 1 though. I have no understanding of why the scrolling on that is so jerky, yet in text msgs or anything else it is smooth.
    because theres no cutoff for how many calls it stores...goes all the way back to day 1.
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    I also have lag. Especially when you bring a card back to view it, as its resizing to the screen it will lag. Gets annoying.
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    i think i am having the same problem...

    although i notice this when i think the Pre is fetching mail in the background. ANyone else?
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    Definitely have more of a lag - especially using the calendar
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    Hmmm, i hope this is fixed soon. I've been noticing lag as well, i figured it was just me.
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    No lag here so far. And since the 1.1 update, the mail and web browser apps seem snappier. I only keep 3-4 apps for the most open though.
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    Also have noticed a lag... Kinda moderate (usually on web) but only seems to isolated to me touching/navigating the screen and pre's response time. And for the first time I saw the error message asking me to close cards w/ only 1 open.

    The error I don't think is a issue as its only happened that once, and after a reboot iwas alright. I also have a few home brew games too , so I guess I will try deleting some of those before I start to really complain about a really awsome and very different (refreshing) device. Hope soon I can start reading more threads about the really cool things I didn't know about this phone.
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    Thank goodness I am not alone. Once I saw the threads about the speed increases I thought it was me. Overall the UI feels sluggish more so than before.
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    I tried deleting all my homebrews and navigation seems snappier. I wonder if it was one particular app...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Siraris View Post
    Yea, definitely noticing the notification lag. I will hear the alert noise, then a second or two later I will see a notification that I got a text then, even if I have the text message app open, a second or two later the text will actually show up.

    Very strange.
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    I to have noticed alot of lag from scrolling the page to swiping between cards to opening new cards. Hopefully palm realizes this issue and gives us an update. The overall experience is being hampered by a once smooth responsive pre. I have also noticed some strange things while veiwing web pages the bottom of the page doesn't completely render the screen rotation also sometimes seems to have a mind of its own.
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    Since most recent update this has happened to my phone, too. Very irritating when trying to place a call in a hurry. Hoping they fix the issue on next update.
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    This is so weird. Do all of you have homebrew apps? So far I've resisted to install homebrew (although I'm quite capable) - don't want to deal with instability on a 1.0 device. I have a completely different experience after the 1.1 update. I use advanced gestures to switch cards (normally 4 or 5 open). Before update, had a little stuttering and lag. Post update, it's very smooth and quick - as quick as the gesture. Has anyone tried a partial erase and restore from palm profile? We have 5 pres in my household and after doing the partial erase on two of them, the users were pleasantly surprised at the difference it made in overall responsiveness. Just a suggestion.
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    no homebrews at all here.
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    More lag + gets hot more often. Sporadic battery life, and a phone app with it's own mind....of course they did say it would do my thinking for me...
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    mine has every once in a while????
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    +1 on the lagginess. Perhaps making a listing of all non-native apps installed, Palm approved and homebrew alike.

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    yep notice lag after install.. had nothing but stock phone, do the restart everyday.. something is wrong. hope they fix.
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