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    I got a Pre last night, and first impression is that this is a nice phone.

    Build quality is about a B-, the slider gaps on either side are not equal. the left side is a couple mm wider than the right. No Oreo effect at all that I can tell, a little wiggle, but it is less than the Touch Pro that I had for 2 days, and hated. All the buttons are kinda cheap, and just not crisp, hard to quantify. None of these issues are deal breaking.

    The keyboard is nice, but the top row is a little close to the slider, but I may get used to that. Since I have had iPhones in the past, I keep wishing for a soft keyboard, at times, for quick text entry. That may just be because of my past use of the iPhone, this too may pass.

    Software is amazing, a little laggy at times, but so was the iPhone. I really like all the built in apps, I set up a dummy gmail account just for my contacts to avoid having every email address in the known world synced to my phone. So that worked great. I'm almost afraid to connect to my Facebook account, there's generally a reason people are in Facebook and not on my phone. But I'll try.

    Need more apps! But that'll come. Just need solitaire and a stopwatch for now. Wish we had Nike+... Maybe some other GPS running/biking app.

    Battery seems suspect to me though, I have had the phone off the charger for 2.5 hrs and it is down about 30% already, and I haven't really done anything. I know the battery will have to break in, but is this the 680 all over again?

    As I play with this today, I will give you more thoughts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mclark2112 View Post

    As I play with this today, I will give you more thoughts.
    Oh, gee, I was worried that maybe you wouldn't!
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    Congrats on your Pre. I too come from a well used Touch Pro and simply laugh at the derelict device as it sits on my desk collecting dust.

    Take a look at:

    Some of the default settings for the Pre are not battery-conscious.

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