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    As long as the updates keep coming, I'm happy to support them. It's a new device on a new platform, as long as they keep working and trying to fix things and make it better, I'm a happy camper. I had an Instinct, that's a truly abandoned phone.
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    The horror

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    "listen Guy, you cant just go around at every moment trying to start a golf just dont work like that. you gotta wait for the right moment. trust me you will know."
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    64 bit Windows 7 and no problem here. Stop blaming Palm and blame your computer.
    this is the truest thing anyone has wrote today
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    I think the real message we all need to learn here is PEBPAU (...kinda like PEBKAC, then again maybe PEBKAC is the problem).

    In case you don't understand the language of the Internets (or in case you don't feel like Google-ing it), it means: Problem Exists Between Pre And User.

    Simple as that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrett92C View Post
    Yea, sorry I was being an *** lol
    You know the saddest thing here is that I indeed had a problem and it was the update on the phone and the computer system yet even though I went overboard and there are some other great points, I got slammed on this fourm. I then offered an amend to my post and said sorry not once ( which should have been enough) but twice. If name calling is part of this form then it may not be for me. I understood that it was a community.
    I used this place while I was waiting for my new Pre and became well informed from many of you and I thank you. It is one of the best fourms that I have had the pleasure to visit. There are great members here that will assist in the advancement of the Pre. I only hope that those that like playing mind games don't burn them.
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    This was actually kinda mild compared to some forums. Don't let them make you stay away, just for now on state the problem and you will receive lots of help. This is really one of the better forums.
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